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Changelog for this New Australian Prepping Web Magazine

NOTICE: This website is still quite new!
A few things don't work yet, and some of the posts are incomplete. See here for more about this.

Spysafe.com.au is still quite new. Not everything works yet, but it's getting there. A few of the articles still contain incomplete, or occasionally even entirely bogus information. That was because I needed to have a lot of pages up before I could create the complex layout with all the menus and structure. But I needed to have the menus and structure there before I could put pages into them.

Now (as of January 2019) there's plenty enough pages for the menus and layout to function. Most of the newer pages are complete, or close enough for now. I'll be going over the old ones and fixing them up. And perhaps removing some of the oldest ones that don't contain any actual information and I can't think of what to use them for.

So this website is a work in progress. Taking up the art of prepping means that your life becomes an ongoing work in progress, so get used to it...

As Douglas Adams would have said, "It has many omissions and contains much that is apocryhal, or at least wildly inaccurate".

Friday 11 January, 2019

Currently the search form works in a basic way, the contact page doesn't work yet and the social media sharing links don't work yet. You can share the pages by pasting in the URL of the page. I'll try to fix these soon.

Also some of the links at the very bottom of the page footer don't work yet.

The page view counters are real, though not many people are looking at the site yet and the pages with much higher view counts than the others are from bots (i.e. automatic web "crawlers" such as search engines that read and index each page). The Bible counts each chapter as all the same page for the page view counters, but each chapter is it's own distinct web page. Since there are 1,189 chapters in the Bible and nine different translations, that makes 1,189 x 9 = 10,701 views of bible.html for one full crawl of the entire Bible on spysafe.com.au.

Earlier Comments

Originally, I hadn't uploaded anything to the proper domain name for this site of spysafe.com.au. I was planning to use a temporary URL like spysafe.com.au/demo-only/, so that the site wouldn't be found until it was completed enough. However, I shared the temporary location with a couple of people just to show them.

Then I noticed the view count was going up a bit on some of the pages, indicating that people were looking at the site at the temporary location. I figured that eventually people would start sharing around the temporary location, and then before I knew it that would be "out there" on the web. Then when I decided it was time to upload the site to its final location of spysafe.com.au, all those links would be wrong and would need to be redirected.

So now the website even though very incomplete, is at its final location. Also most, but not all, of the pages and URLs are also in what will become their permanent location.

During this early stage of development the best way to see what's new on the site is to look at the Newest Page Updates page.

You can find the updates page at the link above, or in the main menu under "Home", or at the web address www.spysafe.com.au/updates.html

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