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Prepping Romance - The Couple That Preps Together Stays Together

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If you want to be serious about prepping, it will really help a lot if your romantic partner is also a prepper. If they aren't (which is all too often the case), everything will be that much harder.

If You're Already With Someone

If you're already with someone, it can be difficult to convince them. With some people it's pretty much impossible to get them interested. You may even begin prepping in secret. Though it would be difficult to hide from your spouse in a marriage or marriage-like relationship, it would be possible, if that was the only way you could be a prepper.

Another possible method would be a selective and sometimes stealth-like approach as to what things you tell them about. And also what you tell them about why you're doing certain things. A lot of useful prepping skills and even infrastructure can be developed while telling people you're doing it for other reasons that are completely unrelated to prepping. Such as outdoor recreation (hunting, fishing, bushwalking) or other kinds of sports (for e.g. single action / "cowboy action" shooting). Many other things like food gardening can be done "innocently" as hobbies without having to talk much (or at all) about prepping being your motivation for doing them. All kinds of hobby farming could fit in here.

It helps if you both have a sense of adventure. If climbing over huge obstacles together helps you grow closer together, rather than further apart, then you're onto a good thing.

There is also a lot of latitude in what you tell someone, even if you do tell them something is kind-of prepping-related. For example, if you live anywhere remotely prone to bushfires, you could get a water tank in case there is a fire and the mains water pressure fails when the fire comes up. This is a realistic situation that has happened to people I know, just as a bushfire was approaching their property (and starting to burn things like sheds and cars) the town water supply ran empty. Many people in modern life are much more open to getting a water tank for something like this than for something as dramatic and freaky sounding as "the collapse of civilisation".

For Singles

If you're not already with someone, and you're more than just very extremely casually interested in prepping, it's a really good idea not to deliberately become "unequally yoked" with an unbeliever. It can be hard to find others interested in prepping, though the numbers of people interested are growing all the time so this is something that should get easier as time goes on.

In the modern Western world, romance and sex are valued very highly, almost as the meaning of life. Yet when you look at the amount of happiness that romantic relationships bring, many people are not that happy. All too often, things don't work out like in people's dreams, or like what they see happen in movies and other forms of fake/fictional entertainment. To be a prepper means making some sacrifices in life with regards to luxury items that you don't really need. And this is one area of life where people often tend to over-invest. That's something to keep in mind here - how much do you really need certain types of romantic interaction? It may be a lot less than you think.

Is your date someone who would write (or even co-operate with) a shopping list that looks anything like this? If you can find someone on the same page as yourself, everything will be so much easier.

Things will work out much better if you bide your time, and wait until you find someone who's a prepper too, or at least open to becoming one. Or at the absolute least, someone who's happy about you being a prepper and isn't going to be actively trying to hinder your prepping.

This is probably even more critical if you don't already live in a rural area but have plans to move to one eventually. Few people you meet while living in a city or suburb are going to be keen on the idea of moving out to the sticks. It may be better to move first (even if this is years away) and then find someone.

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