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Little Known Prepping Lessons from Christian Martyrs

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This is a genre that you can really, and I mean really, learn a lot from. It's little known to most preppers, yet it reveals the very best lessons I've found on how to not only cope with, but maintain an optimistic attitude, under situations of extreme suffering.

If you're new to the genre then it's better to read the longer stories, such as books where the whole book is all one story about one person — rather than books which are compilations of a great many stories (like Fox's Book of Martyrs). The longer stories reveal the inner thoughts and feelings and beliefs of the martyrs much better than most of the short ones.

Once you've read one or more of the longer stories you can move on to the short ones if you like, and they will have a lot more meaning since you'll have a good idea of what these kinds of people are like on the inside. Which is usually not described in that much detail in the really short stories.

"As a soldier in peacetime prepares for the hardships of war, I had prepared myself for prison and torture. My text had been the lives of Christians who had faced similar ordeals and temptations to surrender, and I considered how I might adapt their experiences to my own. Many who had neglected to do so were finally crushed by suffering, or deluded into betraying others."

Richard Wurmbrand, "Christ in the Communist Prisons", 1968. Page 15. Currently published under the title "In God's Underground". You can download this book and read it for free here on Michael Wurmbrand's website. The link is on the right hand side of the page called "In God's Underground". You can also donate to help people in similiar circumstances.

They Need Our Help

Romans 3:13

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